Production, purification and characterisation of a chitosanase from Bacillus cereus

Chuan Lu Wang, Jien Wei Su, Tzu Wen Liang, Anh Dzung Nguyen, San Lang Wang

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In the present work, a chitosanase was induced from a squid pen powder-containing Bacillus cereus TKU031 medium, and the addition of 0.05 % (w/v) boric acid or sodium tetraborate resulted in 195 and 177 % enhancement, respectively, in TKU031 chitosanase production. The purified TKU031 chitosanase exhibited optimum activity at pH 5 and 50 °C and was stable at pH 5-9 and <50 °C. The TKU031 chitosanase that was used for chitooligomers preparation was studied. The enzyme products revealed various chitooligomers with different degrees of polymerisation from 3 to 8, as determined by a MALDI-TOF-mass spectrometer, confirming the endo-type nature of the TKU031 chitosanase.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2237-2248
Number of pages12
JournalResearch on Chemical Intermediates
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2014 Jul

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  • Chemistry(all)

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