Quantitative AES investigation of magnetron sputtered Ti-Al-N films

Bor Yuan Shew, Jow-Lay Huang

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The quantitative analysis of Ti-Al-N films by Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) is not an easy task, mainly because of the overlapping of nitrogen and titanium in Auger signals and the Auger cross-transition of aluminum in nitrides. A quantitative AES analysis method was proposed in this report. The signal intensity of nitrogen was determined by subtracting the contribution of Ti from the overlapped signals (Dawson*s method). The sensitivity factors were determined following Hofmann*s derivation. X-ray diffraction was used for determining the critical N2 flow above which the ordered B1-NaCI structure of Ti-AI-N occurred. The relative sensitivity of Al/N from Hofmann*s derivation was then corrected using a AIN standard as the formation of aluminurn nitride was detected. The results of quantitative AES analysis for Ti-AI-N films by the method proposed in this report was in excellent agreement with that determined from the WDS with standards.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)66-72
Number of pages7
JournalSurface and Coatings Technology
Issue number1-2
Publication statusPublished - 1995 Jan 1

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