Research and science educations of lu ban’s horse carriages

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Lu Ban (~ 507-444 BC) was a master carpenter in ancient China. He invented a legendary wooden horse carriage which was first mentioned in the book Lun Heng by Wang Chong (~ 27-97 AD) but was subsequently lost in the long past years. Based on the methodology for the reconstruction design of lost mechanisms developed by the author, his research group at the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) started to reconstruct various designs of this lost machine in 1993. One of the feasible designs, a planar linkage with 8 bars and 10 joints as the leg mechanism, was further developed into various mechanical horse carriages without and with electrical powers. And, the corresponding hardware and educational kits have been successfully used for science programs at the National Science and Technology Museum and NCKU since 2002.

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