Ring-Cache genetic algorithm for tuning reliable fuzzy logic controller

Kun Hsiang Wu, Chin Hsing Chen, Jiann Der Lee

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In this paper, we improve the organization of the fuzzy logic controller by incorporating two strategies: the Ring-Cache GA and Reliability Analysis. In our previous papers, various methods are proposed to make the self-tuning fuzzy logic controller available. These methods are all GA-Based. GA approach provides a possible way to get global optimized solution, yet it still remains some drawbacks. Obviously, when the size of the population grows up and the encoding of the chromosome is very large, the expense of the evolutionary computation would be out of our expectation. So we try to reduce the encoding amount of the chromosome by Ring GA, then propose a Cache GA to select the strongest chromosome and put them into a cache pool after every generation. In this paper, we combine Ring GA and Cache GA to get a Ring-Cache GA for improving the efficiency of GA. Another important problem exists in fuzzy logic controller is how much reliability is the fuzzy logic controller? Especially when we use GA to tune the controller, the system does not promise to hit the target or goal every time. So we need to define a reliable region or fitness bound to make sure the controller is reliable. In this paper, we enhance the reliability analysis with the original fuzzy logic controller to be a REliable Genetic Fuzzy Logic Controller. We use our approach to solve robot path planning problem and get better performance than usual system.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2847-2852
Number of pages6
JournalProceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics
Publication statusPublished - 1997
EventProceedings of the 1997 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics. Part 3 (of 5) - Orlando, FL, USA
Duration: 1997 Oct 121997 Oct 15

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  • Control and Systems Engineering
  • Hardware and Architecture


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