Sandwich-Nanostructured n-Cu2O/AuAg/p-Cu2O Photocathode with Highly Positive Onset Potential for Improved Water Reduction

Yu Chang Lin, Liang Ching Hsu, Chia Yu Lin, Chao Lung Chiang, Che Min Chou, Wen Wei Wu, San Yuan Chen, Yan Gu Lin

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An n-Cu2O layer formed a high-quality buried junction with p-Cu2O to increase the photovoltage and thus to shift the turn-on voltage positively. Mott-Schottky measurements confirmed that the improvement benefited from a positive shift in flat-band potential. The obtained extremely positive onset potential, 0.8 VRHE in n-Cu2O/AuAg/p-Cu2O, is comparable with measurements from water reduction catalysts. The AuAg alloy sandwiched between the homojunction of n-Cu2O and p-Cu2O improved the photocatalytic performance. This alloy both served as an electron relay and promoted electron-hole pair generation in nearby semiconductors; the charge transfer between n-Cu2O and p-Cu2O in the sandwich structure was measured with X-ray absorption spectra. The proposed sandwich structure can be considered as a new direction for the design of efficient solar-related devices.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)38625-38632
Number of pages8
JournalACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Issue number42
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Jan 1

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  • Materials Science(all)

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