Spindle position regulation for wind power generators

Nan Chyuan Tsai, Chao Wen Chiang

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The three-time-scale plant model of a wind power generator, including a wind turbine, a flexible vertical shaft, a variable inertia flywheel (VIF) module, an active magnetic bearing (AMB) unit and the applied wind sequence, is constructed. In order to make the wind power generator be still able to operate as the spindle speed exceeds its rated speed, the VIF is equipped so that the spindle speed can be appropriately slowed down once any stronger wind field is exerted. Currently, most of wind energy input is, as a matter of fact, a waste since the commercially available wind power generators only operate for fairly mild or low-speed wind field. To prevent any potential damage due to collision by shaft against conventional bearings, the AMB unit is proposed to replace the traditional bearings and regulate the shaft position deviation. By singular perturbation order-reduction technique, a lower-order plant model can be established for the synthesis of feedback controller. It is found that two major system parameter uncertainties, an additive uncertainty and a multiplicative uncertainty, are constituted by the wind turbine and the VIF, respectively. The upper bounds of system parameters variation can be therefore estimated and the frequency shaping sliding mode control (FSSMC) loop is proposed to account for these uncertainties and suppress the unmodeled higher-order plant dynamics. At last, the efficacy of the FSSMC is verified by intensive computer and experimental simulations for regulation on position deviation of the shaft and counter-balance of unpredictable wind disturbance.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)873-889
Number of pages17
JournalMechanical Systems and Signal Processing
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2010 Apr 1

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