Structure and properties of Ti-7.5Mo-xFe alloys

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The present work is a study of a series of Ti-7.5Mo-xFe alloys, with the focus on the effect of iron addition on the structure and mechanical properties of the alloys. Experimental results indicate that α″ phase-dominated binary Ti-7.5Mo alloy exhibited a fine, acicular martensitic structure. When 1 wt% or more iron was added, the entire alloy became equi-axed β phase structure with a grain size decreasing with increasing iron content. Athermal ω phase was formed in the alloys containing iron of roughly between 0.5 and 3 wt%. The largest quantity of ω phase and highest microhardness were found in Ti-7.5Mo-1Fe alloy. The binary Ti-7.5Mo alloy had a lower microhardness, bending strength and modulus than all iron-containing alloys. The largest bending strength was found in Ti-7.5Mo-2Fe alloy. The present alloys with iron contents of about 2-5 wt% seem to have a great potential for use as an implant material.

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