Surface modified catalytically grown carbon nanofibers/MnO2 composites for use in supercapacitor

Fitri Nur Indah Sari, Hsuan Min Lin, Jyh Ming Ting

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We have reported a fast and eco-friend method to synthesize the MnO2 on catalytically grown carbon nanofiber (CGCNF). The CGCNF was functionalized by acid treatment under various H2SO4/HNO3 ratios. A microwave-assisted hydrothermal method was then used to synthesize MnO2/CGCNF composites at a very short time of 5 min. We demonstrated that the surface modification has significant effect on the MnO2 deposition and the electrochemical performance of the resulting MnO2/CGCNF composites. Electrical impedance spectroscopy analysis and cyclic voltammetry showed that O-functional group controls the electrical conductivity and the electrochemical performance of both CGCNF and CGCNF/MnO2 composites, respectively. It was found that C[dbnd]O bond assists the MnO2 deposition. CGCNF/MnO2 composite showing specific capacitance (Csp) of 257 F/g at a scan rate of 5 mV/s and electrical resistance of 19 Ω was demonstrated.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)54-63
Number of pages10
JournalThin Solid Films
Publication statusPublished - 2016 Dec 1

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