The effects of facades of conformity on employee voice and job satisfaction: The mediating role of emotional exhaustion

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Purpose: Employee voice can improve organizational and individual performance. The purpose of this paper is to consider individuals’ evaluations of various features of their work situations. In particular, emotional exhaustion mediates the influence of facades of conformity on employee voice behavior and job satisfaction. This study examines a model in which facades of conformity negatively affects employee voice and job satisfaction through emotional exhaustion. Design/methodology/approach: A total of 401 employer–employee dyads from a large manufacturing company and public organizations in Taiwan were surveyed. Two-wave data demonstrated a significant positive relationship between facades of conformity and its outcomes, mediated by emotional exhaustion. Findings: The results reveal that facades of conformity relates to employee voice and job satisfaction. Additionally, emotional exhaustion is an important mechanism in the relationships between facades of conformity and employee voice and facades of conformity and job satisfaction. Research limitations/implications: Although this study obtained data from employer–employee dyads, practical constraints prevented complete consideration of issues in the work domain, such as colleagues, which might influence employees’ voice and job satisfaction. Practical implications: Employee who exhibit facades of conformity in an organization may work smoothly for short periods of time, the emotional response triggered by the conflict between their external behavior and their inner values can further reduce their voice behavior and thus affect the organization’s overall performance voice refers to an employee providing challenging advice to contribute to the success of an organization. Originality/value: The findings have implications for the understanding of employees’ conditions and its associations with social issues in the workplace.

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JournalManagement Decision
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Publication statusPublished - 2020 Feb 10

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