The expression of human antimicrobial peptide LL-37 in the human nasal mucosa

Po Hsu Chen, Sheen-Yie Fang

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Background: LL-37, an antimicrobial peptide, has been discovered to be produced by a number of epithelial cells. It is identified as a key element in the innate host defense mechanism. Because little is known about the expression of LL-37 in human sinonasal tract, we conducted this study to investigate the expression of LL-37 in human nasal mucosa. Methods: We investigated the expression of LL-37 gene by the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and localization of LL-37 peptide by immunohistochemistry in the inferior turbinate mucosa of 7 normal subjects and the nasal polyps of 12 patients with chronic paranasal sinusitis. Results: The transcripts of the LL-37 gene were detected in all human nasal tissues analyzed by RT-PCR. There is a significant increase of LL-37 mRNA expression in nasal polyps as compared with the normal nasal mucosa. Using immunohistochemistry, LL-37 peptide was localized in surface epithelial cells and submucosal glands. Conclusions: Our findings suggest that LL-37 is expressed by nasal mucosa and is upregulated during inflammation.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)381-385
Number of pages5
JournalAmerican Journal of Rhinology
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2004 Nov 1

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  • Otorhinolaryngology


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