Two gloves and one sock syndrome after a pontine hemorrhage

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Introduction: Stroke presenting with paresthesia of bilateral hands and one leg in a gloves-and-one-sock distribution is rare. Case report: We report a patient with brainstem hemorrhage involving the right medial lemniscus (ML) across the midline to the medial part of left ML that resulted in paresthesia in bilateral hands and the left foot. The neighboring lesions include the right ventral trigeminothalamic tract causing left facial numbness, right trigeminal motor nucleus leading to right lateral pterygoid muscle weakness, right anterolateral tract resulting in a left hemisensory syndrome, and the right superior cerebellar peduncle decussation causing left limb ataxia. Conclusions: The paresthesia of bilateral hands and one lower leg in a pattern of 2-gloves-and-1-sock has localizing value and indicates a brainstem lesion involving the bilateral MLs.

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