Using a style-based ant colony system for adaptive learning

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Adaptive learning provides an alternative to the traditional "one size fits all" approach and has driven the development of teaching and learning towards a dynamic learning process for learning. Therefore, exploring the adaptive paths to suit learners personalized needs is an interesting issue. This paper proposes an extended approach of ant colony optimization, which is based on a recent metaheuristic method for discovering group patterns that is designed to help learners advance their on-line learning along an adaptive learning path. The investigation emphasizes the relationship of learning content to the learning style of each participant in adaptive learning. An adaptive learning rule was developed to identify how learners of different learning styles may associate those contents which have the higher probability of being useful to form an optimal learning path. A style-based ant colony system is implemented and its algorithm parameters are optimized to conform to the actual pedagogical process. A survey was also conducted to evaluate the validity and efficiency of the system in producing adaptive paths to different learners. The results reveal that both the learners and the lecturers agree that the style-based ant colony system is able to provide useful supplementary learning paths.

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JournalExpert Systems With Applications
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Publication statusPublished - 2008 May

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