Valuation of online continuing medical education and telemedicine in Taiwan

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Physicians have acknowledged information technology (IT) efficiency and now utilize it in their professional practice and patient management. The benefits of IT within the health care environment has received academic attention, however existing literature currently pertains to limited areas, including the financial effects of telemedicine networks, and both the acceptability of this branch of medical care and the perceptions of patients and clinicians. Studies on welfare valuation of telecommunication health services in an economy are deficient. Based on a welfare concept valuation method, this research provides systematic as well as empirical analysis of telemedicine and finds that online CME plays a key role in enhancing the health care environment. The quantity of health services, the quality of the health care environment, as well as a consumer surplus all increased with online CME lectures. Such lectures are underprovided in telemedicine systems. Appropriate government intervention or programs, through adding physicians for local on-site visits with the electronic health care program and increasing the availability and quality of online CME, could possibly remedy the situation and establish a stable, well-structured, and effective medical care system for rural areas.

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JournalEducational Technology and Society
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Publication statusPublished - 2008

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