Where you pursuit better life Constructing Taiwan Happiness Index with cross-cultural comparison on happiness

Yi Hsuan Lee, Yu Pei Tsai, Shyhnan Liou

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It's well proposed that subjective wellbeing should not just personal happiness, but includes one's relations with others; perceived and pursuit of happiness might vary across cultures (Kitayama and Markus, 2000) [1]. In this paper, drawn on review of studies on culture and it's implication of happiness, we identified the culture differences between the East Asians and the West European-Americans and then propose what happiness index are of validity in the culture context of Taiwan. Our analysis findings indicate some shared/ different cultural values in both culture regions. Based on analysis of the National Accounts of Well-being Happiness Index developed in UK, we found out some inapplicable indicators, which did not being emphasized in East Asian cultures. We then propose indicators for constructing better happiness index for cultures specifically in Taiwan, which, the indicators background did not be developed in other culture regions. With the cultural universal and cultural difference considered, we discuss and suggest what are appropriate nation wide or community based happiness index for Taiwan.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationICOT 2013 - 1st International Conference on Orange Technologies
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 2013 Jul 12
Event1st International Conference on Orange Technologies, ICOT 2013 - Tainan, Taiwan
Duration: 2013 Mar 122013 Mar 16

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NameICOT 2013 - 1st International Conference on Orange Technologies


Other1st International Conference on Orange Technologies, ICOT 2013

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