A Case Study on Value Co-creation of Service Platform: The Taipei City Hall Bus Station

  • 吳 兆明

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


With current high variation levels of manpower logistic resources and the environment coupled with the ever-changing trend of technology more and more companies are taking advantage of the latest technology to strengthen their core competencies based on common platform mechanisms which are built with a combination of business processes and management systems Through the theoretical framework of Service- Dominant Logic (SDL) this research explored how to create the value of both parties in the process of learning experiencing and participating in the platform from the roles of different actors such as operational management and user units The case studied by the Institute—the Taipei city hall bus station not only effectively understands the excessive traffic concentration of the intercity passenger station in the Taipei station area but also leads all passengers in the station to significantly increase the total passenger load The study found that when the platform provides a well interaction mechanism it will improve the interaction of all actors and interactions with actors and be friendly and integrate the only user interface (UI) so that the actors can reduce learning disabilities and make the requirements clearer The bus station can truly grasp the changes in the external environment as well as the needs of passengers and customers introducing a platform built by new technology and creating opportunities for multi-actors to create values This can be said to be the most critical factor in the success of this case The contribution of this research lies in empirically pointing out that the platform is an important mechanism in the value creation process that promotes the above interaction and integration In addition through the discussion of micro perspectives it is possible to actually understand the influencing factors affecting the actors' participation in interaction Moreover this study also found that through agile development we can increase the interaction of each participant further integrate our own resources and capabilities and create value for each other Therefore the concept of agile development can be used as a creative source of reference on co-create value of the other companies
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShih-Chieh Fang (Supervisor)

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