A Cloud Platform with Decentralized and Secure Mechanisms for Managing Individual Files

  • 林 彥余

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


As to the number of patients who need rehabilitation treatments grows rapidly the issues on properly managing storing and utilizing the generated rehabilitation data such as skeleton information color images and video streams are important in the field of medical care Cloud computing is widely discussed as an important issue recently and the technology of cloud storage is also applied widely in various fields In this work cloud storage which has the features of high scalability high reliability and convenience is concerned and the technologies of cryptography are adopted to develop a rehab managing cloud platform which possess the features of identity managing privacy preserving and access control mechanism On top of such a platform the level of computational security for the protected files can be enhanced Moreover proposed privacy preserving and access control mechanism are decentralized and robust unlike other managing schemes which are centralized designed for clouds commonly Both Microsoft Azure Services and Amazon S3 are adopted as the solutions of cloud storage in this work on the issue of privacy preserving and access control both the asymmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms are adopted also Besides the MVC framework is used as the base for developing the rehab managing cloud platform The users can utilize the services provided via common browsers and the efficiency of uploading and downloading files via the proposed system are measured
Date of Award2016 Aug 8
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTing-Wei Hou (Supervisor)

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