A Comparative Narrative Analysis of Policies and Debate Issues in Energy Transition: Case Study of Australia Germany Japan Taiwan and India

  • 陳 昱君

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In response to the climate change energy transition has become vital and challenging tasks in all countries However due to the complexity and unstablity of policy development the global energy transition has remained in the state of flux Currently the Taiwan Government is actively promoting policy development strategic planning and local energy governance so as to enhance the energy transition governance The development of renewable energy is mainly focus on solar power and wind power This study uses narrative analysis to compare five countries including: Australia Germany Japan Taiwan and India Moreover the discussion is mainly based on the development of policies and debates of each country that has achieved a certain standard of development in wind and solar energy which is critical to provide a good role model for Taiwan to promote a better future in energy transformation This study initially introduces the current energy transformation trends in solar power and wind power in five different countries This is follow by narrative analysis which futher discussed the policy and debate issues Finally based on the above results policy recommendations of energy transformation are used as a guideline for Taiwan future energy transformation development Taiwan is in the midst of energy transformation Therefore it is important to analyze from the advance country on the current development trend of solar power generation and wind power through narrative analysis in order to set a role model for Taiwan to implement The purpose of using narrative analysis is to seek out the key opportunities and make reasonable inferences from revealing some important observations The topics discussed in this study are divided into three main categories (including: transformation financial status and power supply security) which is based on the main classification from previous relevant literature The results show that the promotion of energy transition is vital and should be a concern for the future generation The Government should provide the visions of desirable futures by announcing a clear implementation subsidy system; large-scale and small-scale power grid investment wholesale price and renewable energy surcharge retail prices etc Moreover it is critical to have advance power supply system to ease the fluctuation in electricity supply and demand Energy storage systems can be used to track and manage the stability of renewable energy and vital for the development of energy transformation technology In order to achieve power supply security it is imperative to construct a stable affordable and low-risk energy system from energy demand side supply side and system side Lastly expansion in grid network and battery storage would help to decrease the electricity shortage
Date of Award2018 Sept 13
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJong-Hua Wu (Supervisor)

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