A Joint Transmit Power Control and Backoff Mechanism to Exploit Capture Effect in IEEE 802 11 WLAN

  • 廖 謝誠

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In wireless communication when two or more signals are received by a receiver simultaneously if the strongest signal’s SINR exceeds a threshold it can still be successfully received This phenomenon is called Capture Effect In this thesis we propose a joint transmit power control and backoff mechanism in IEEE 802 11 WLAN to exploit Capture Effect and enhance overall system performance In the proposed scheme we divide the network into three non-overlapped areas and assign different target received powers for each areas Stations in each area should tune their transmission powers to meet the target received power at Access Point (AP) Thus when AP receives two or more signals with different power levels it may receive correctly the signal with highest power level due to Capture Effect Moreover the backoff mechanism of IEEE 802 11 is adjusted in the scheme in consideration of fairness issue The main idea is that we assign the stations with lower received power level a better contention probability to access the channel to compensate their loss due to Capture Effect The simulation results show that the proposed design can get much higher throughput than the legacy IEEE 802 11 design with slightly loss on fairness
Date of Award2014 Aug 15
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorSzu-Lin Su (Supervisor)

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