A Load-Based Cell Selection Scheme in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks

  • 周 冠廷

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The notion of small cells has been widely discussed because it can improve the network capacity and coverage by shifting mobiles from macro base stations (BSs) to the low-power pico BS In the existing cell association scheme known as cell range expansion (CRE) a constant cell association bias is employed Without taking the BS load into consideration a BS might still be overloaded or underloaded that in turn causes low resource utilization rate or high blocking probability respectively In this work we propose a load-based cell selection scheme to address the aforementioned issues An adjustment function is introduced to properly determine the cell association bias based on the individual BS load Using 3GPP long term evolution advanced (LTE-A) compliant parameters the simulation results show that the proposed load-based cell selection scheme achieves significant performance gains in terms of long term average rate and call blocking probability as compared with the conventional cell association scheme using the constant bias
Date of Award2015 Jan 26
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorKuang-Hao Liu (Supervisor)

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