A Novel High Step-Up Three-Port Converter

  • 曾 博新

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This thesis proposed a novel high step-up three port converter The key concepts of the proposed converter are combined coupled-inductor technique voltage lift technique and multi-winding technique of coupled-inductor However the using of the coupled-inductor induce serious voltage spike on power switches during the turned-off period Therefore for suppressing and recycling the energy that suffer from leakage energy the passive snubber technique is applied By adjusting the turns ratio and sufficient duty ratio of power switches Also each port of low voltage can achieve high voltage conversion ratio simultaneously Operational principals Boundary conduction mode analysis steady state analysis design process and control strategies of the proposed converter are presented and discussed Finally the prototype of the proposed converter with 250 W full-load a low voltage input port(36 V~24 V) for Fuel Cell (FC) source a bidirectional port for storage portions (48 V) and a high voltage port(400 V) for output is implemented to verify the theoretical analysis The control strategies of the proposed converter is realized by a digital signal processor (DSP) controller
Date of Award2014 Aug 18
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJiann-Fuh Chen (Supervisor)

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