A Novel Tag Searching Protocol based on Manchester Signal Collision in RFID Systems

  • 林 長德

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Applications of radio frequency identification technology are popular in many aspects such as inventory management in retail industry object tracking and identification etc In these applications tag identification is in-depth study In the practical applications searching for some tags we want is applied and significant Tag searching has not been found its advanced usage rather than the thorough research in tag identification Consequently this study focuses on the topic of finding out the target tags which we aimed effectively in the finite and limited time It isn’t well defined that signal responses from tags to reader in existing tag searching protocols Almost protocols use one-bit short response as a message from tag to reader It will leads low efficiency in figuring out whether these tag are target tags or not However we define the signal from tag to reader based on Manchester encoding technique By means of Manchester signal we propose new novel technique called filtering slot This technique with assistance of Manchester encoding could help reader differentiate whether these tags in its coverage area are target tags without tag-ID transmission Filtering slot also helps reader eliminate non-target tags in the set of candidate target tags The protocol of tag searching proposed in the previous paper brings about the problem called mapping collision Satisfied with termination condition in the final round more than two tags in the set of candidate target tags map to the same filtering slot simultaneously This situation makes reader wrong decision that two tags are correctly in the interrogation zone In view of this our study proposed new solution called slot hopping By multiplying two times of frame size then it makes candidate tags random map to slots again Hence this method could achieve the goal that every candidate target tag satisfies one-to-one mapping with slots At the end of this study we use slot hopping technique to omit the examination of controlling slot and directly check whether any signals are received in filtering slot Simulation results show that our protocol is more efficient and faster than previous tag searching protocol
Date of Award2016 Aug 23
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJung-Shian Li (Supervisor)

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