A novel ultrasound approach for measuring the local pulse wave velocity of human carotid artery

  • 湯 杰儒

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


About the major cause of the death globally has been attributed to cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) until now,such issue has drawn attention to the importance of CVDs for the early prevention In the past studies the Carotid–femoral pulse wave velocity (cfPWV) has been widely considered to be a reliable clinical parameter for evaluate of the CVDs risk But this method still has some significant limitations which results into errors for cfPWV measurements Recently several ultrasound imaging-based methods have been proposed to measure the local PWV that can exhibit more clinical significance and can be used as an early diagnosis tool However ultrasonic imaging technology requires high-resolution images to present local PWV related information it’s usually along with complicated operations In this study use a linear array transducer to excite a limited element for obtaining the signal of the vessel wall and the wall motion estimated by the peak finding method The local PWV was measured by the relationship between known element’s locations and pulse wave travel time The proposed method only provides the average value of the local PWV to facilitate large population detection The reliability of proposed method has been discussed via the in vitro experiments which performed by self-made vessel phantoms The experimental results show that the measurement of 8 transducer beams also can be used to accurately estimate the local PWV And the good agreement was found between reference PWVs and local PWVs on thin and thick phantoms obtained from Moens-Korteweg equation and proposed method On the other hand the relationship between cfPWV and carotid PWV in young healthy subjects was also discussed in this study which obtained from SphygmoCor device and proposed method The measured PWVs in vivo are 6 82±0 49 m/s and 4 72±0 50 m/s for cfPWV and local PWV respectively A good linear correlation was found between cfPWV and local PWV (r=0 82) which agree with previous study In this study the low computing cost and noninvasive method based on ultrasound was proposed for measuring the local PWV and comparing the correlation between cfPWV and carotid PWV in human
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChih-Chung Huang (Supervisor)

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