A Preliminary Study of Youth Generational National Identity

  • 葉 姿?

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


National identity has always been an important political issue in Taiwan and it is also one of the main social cleavages This study attempts to get rid of the framework of quantitative research through focus group interview and uses a qualitative research approach to understand the connotation of national identity The result found that Taiwanese/Chinese identity is a multi-level inner feeling and the concept of "Taiwan" and "China" switch between "political term" and "geographic term" making the identity problem more complicated Younger generations believe that maintaining the status quo represents the fact that the two sides of the strait are divided and governed by themselves In contrast independence is a radical action such as the pursuit of constitutional rectification or the founding of the country which is actively cut off from China in the international community Objectively speaking maintaining the status quo is indeed the status of two countries and there is no need for independence Besides younger generations do not think there is a conflict between cross-strait economic cooperation and national identity and they no longer regard the two as the same dualistic relationship The individual's prejudgment of the overall national identity will make them choose both unification and independence Finally party identity has a significant impact on Taiwanese/Chinese identity Pan-blue supporters believe that based on blood and cultural factors they should not be rigidly separated into Taiwanese and Chinese Therefore they tend to define the two sides of the strait as the same ethnic group Pan-green and neutral people prefer to explain the connotation of Taiwanese in terms of political identity and system differences The two sides of the strait are different political entities Therefore the Taiwanese are people with the nationality of Republic of China and the Chinese are people with the nationality of People's Republic of China
Date of Award2021
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJeng-Fang Ting (Supervisor)

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