A Quantitative Study of the Configuration of Urban Networks and the Spatial Pattern of Open Spaces in Tainan City Center

  • 龔 仲耀

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


The similarities or differences between the street blocks and road networks form different areas can be identified visually from the maps However the differences cannot be explained objectively Literature about the change of urban patterns usually used qualitative method which had the limitation of systematically and objectively describing how the developing timing and location of a planning site affect its urban texture Therefore this study use quantitative indicators to explore how the changing trends of planning concepts reflect on road network structure and the characteristics of open space planning Tweleve sites in the Tainan city center were selected as the study cases which were the urbn developing plans dated from 1920 to 2007 ranging from 30 to 500 hectares Three aspects of these sites were investigated: road network block and open space The indicators angular connectivity and angular choice were employed for analyzing the road network; the shape index were selected for describing the block; the shape index the average area and the spatial distribution were used for measuring the open space The results show that first the values of angle choice show the distribution of arterial roads in the areas and identify the level of the roads Second the cluster result of street block types is similar to the result of the road angle connectivity because of the geometric characteristics of the road Third the form of the park green space has gradually changed from the scattered form to the strip form According to the results the planning of different time and spatial dimensions is discussed and analyzed What are the planning characteristics of the thought network for the road network structure and open space and discuss the changing trend according to the changes of various indicators
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTzu-Chang Lee (Supervisor)

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