A Special Topic on Magnetically Actuated Artificial Cilia-based Microfluidics

  • 吳 祐安

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Microfluidic technology has gained significant interest from the scientific community as well as biomedical industries due to its subtle advantages such as reduction in the overall processing cost time sample volume energy and reagent consumptions compared to the conventional laboratory techniques Accordingly artificial cilia based microfluidic devices are recent development block in the microfluidic technology and have the potential to advance the conventional methods of sample processing and fluid manipulation In this aspect through this thesis we are exploring the novel and potential applications of artificial cilia based devices The motion of artificial cilia was designed to be controlled through an external electromagnetic system For this proposed artificial cilia based microfluidic device we have realized several potential applications such as micromixing micropropulsion particle separation and environmental photodegradation Moreover the hydrodynamics induced through the artificial cilia based device was quantified using the micro particle image velocimetry (μPIV) method Experimental results demonstrated that a maximum micromixing efficiency of 0 84 and flow rate of 0 089 μL/min could be achieved through the proposed device Moreover with a slight modification of the design of the microfluidic device the particles of the different dimension such as 3 and 8 μm can be sorted out In addition to it the same artificial cilia upon coated with photocatalytic materials could be used for photodegradation These proposed microfluidic devices can be potentially used as target drug delivery system or CTCs separation device Moreover a multi-functionality of a single device applied to drug test system can be developed through the integration of proposed applications
Date of Award2018 Jul 5
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChia-Yuan Chen (Supervisor)

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