A Study of Color Emotion on Shopping Websites for The Elderly

  • 劉 立宣

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


The proportion of the global elderly population has increased sharply and the structure of the social population has gradually moved towards a declining and aging society However with the growth of advanced information technology the frequency and amount of shopping sites used by senior citizens has increased significantly and is considered to be a potential consumer market In addition when visiting the shopping network color configuration is established for users The first impression and become an important element in the emotional communication medium also indirectly evokes the difference between human and color perception This study collects color-related vocabulary from shopping websites and discusses with experts and questionnaires to select 18 groups to describe the feelings of the current shopping website The color elements of the seven shopping websites on the RWD website are "Top Frame" "Top Main Frame" "Search Bar" "Upper Frame" "Medium Frame" "Bottom Frame" and "Advertising" Then develop a new sample After analyzing the factors of the pre-questionnaire four representative vocabularies were obtained which were named as "potential arousal: expectation-disappointment" "version value: rich-fat" "style value: popular" - Personalized "Emotional arousal: boring - interesting " The follow-up is to explore whether the inclusion of advertising color will affect the original feeling According to the analysis for the previous color elements the vocabulary that significantly affects the average is “rich-elegant” A more in-depth comparison of a single sample the warm color of no advertisements has positive for the elderly and the achromatic color is towards negative cold and achromatic biased towards elegance and expectation in the absence of advertising and finally in different advertising tones and tones For the sample the warm colors are chaotic and fresh the cool and dark tones have more "disappointed" and "bored" than other tones In addition the achromatic is stronger than higher brightness
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsi-Jen Chen (Supervisor)

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