A Study of M&A in Taiwan Banking Industry

  • 陳 靜樺

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Due to the low competitiveness of financial industry in Taiwan the authority formulated a new policy to promote the M&A between financial institutions In this paper we will analyze the different situations of bank consolidation such as private banks acquiring private banks (PAP) private banks acquiring state-owned banks (PAS) and state-owned banks acquiring state-owned banks (SAS) to find a better way for Taiwan’s financial industry We will establish a model to see the acquisition influences on banks and organize the previous evidences to find the pros and cons of each situation of consolidation At the end this paper will give a recommend to the authority in Taiwan in order to solve this long-standing problem
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsuan-Chu Lin (Supervisor)

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