A Study of the Attractive Factors for the Air Purifier

  • 邱 瑋晨

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Global air pollution problem is becoming more and more serious and indoor air pollution problems claim many lives In 2014 Chai Jing’s documentary “Under the Dome ” had a great impact on this issue The pollutants from Beijing referenced in this documentary also indirectly affect the health of Taiwan’s residents Demands for air purifiers are therefore becoming higher and higher year after year The author believes that in the next five years the air purifier market will become intense and will experience continuous growth By making the product’s appearance attractive and by capturing the attention of consumers a new market can be developed in this industry This research uses the Evaluation Grid Method and Miryoku Engineering to conduct in-depth interviews with 10 experts After capturing the attractive features of air purifiers a personal evaluation grid chart is created after which an overall evaluation grid chart is created following summarization using the KJ method Five main abstract feelings including “clean & tidy ” “wisdom & technology ” “steady & introverted ” “simple & elegant” and “comfortable & soft” were chosen as the main structure to conduct a questionnaire According to the results for Quantification Theory TypeⅠ “appropriate use of materials” is the most important item affecting “clean & tidy ” “wisdom & technology ” “steady & introverted ” and “comfortable & soft ” while “attractive shape” is the most important item affecting subjects’ perceptions that the purifier was “simple & elegant” In this research market position was also investigated as it related to existing products selected by experts According to the result of analysis the samples were divided into three groups the most attractive group included “clean & tidy” and “simple & generous” The “steady & introverted” feeling can be an opportunity to develop a new product The author also designed a “steady & introverted” air purifier for design verification It is hoped that this research will provide concrete suggestions to the air purifier industry that will guide its direction in the next five years through capturing the attractive features of air purifiers so that consumer expectations will be met and the air purifier industry will be improved
Date of Award2017 Sep 11
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChun-Heng Ho (Supervisor)

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