A study of the attractive factors for the kidult camera

  • 李 翊寧

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The global digital camera market is continuing to shrink because of the expanding smart phone market (Syu 2014) However cameras with the Kidult spirit such as LOMO cameras and Fujifilm Checky can still increase their number of users in this declining market Thus the author explores Kidult cameras' particular attractiveness and presents some suggestions of value to the industry Using the Evaluation Grid Chart of Miryoku Engineering the author interviewed five male and five female participants who were over 20 years old and had studied industrial design for more than four years to catch the personal cognition of attractiveness of Kidult cameras In order to make the attractive factors more representative the author used the KJ Method to simplify the items These evaluation items were selected to form the questionnaire in the next step Finally by using the Quantification Theory Type I the author realized the correlated extent between different attractive factors and grasped the weight between distinct items and categories Overall through researching and discussing the attractive factors of Kidult cameras the author wish to propose more concrete suggestions to the industry to help improve the declining camera market basing on the results of this analysis
Date of Award2015 Sep 8
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChun-Heng Ho (Supervisor)

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