A Study on Both Staffing Level and Production Sequence Decisions from a Truck-Lamps Assembly Line

  • 蔡 政宏

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


At present the production value of Taiwan's automobile and parts manufacturing industry is growing year by year Among them the production value of the automobile parts manufacturing industry in 2018 was NT $ 190 8 billion 52 84% of the automobile industry and it occupies a pivotal position Among them the automobile electric light group accounts for 44% of the auto parts manufacturing products project which is very representative The automobile and parts manufacturing industry can not avoid the low and high seasons of the market How to use lean production-related tools and methods to reduce production costs is a major issue For the labor-intensive industry the labor cost is is an important reference index for the production cost of automobile and parts manufacturing industry To deal with the problems this study proposes a set of methods for capacity planning and optimization production sequencing First the RCCP route method is used to roughly estimate the number of operators required for each work center and then create the logic to deciede whether combine operations or not Through Microsoft Office Excel's built-in solver to solve the manpower allocation of each operation after operation combined After completing the manpower level capacity planning the next step is use the Lekin scheduling software to optimize the production sequencing The design of the experimental is want to create a multiproduct and low volumes production environment The experimental results show that labor linearity doesn’t have significant influence at performance of manufacturing when it didn’t consider the proportion of product It needs to combine with lotsplitting method so that can have more better performance Therefore the company can increase production efficiency and reduce production costs by the method of labor linearity with lotsplitting to increase company’s competitiveness
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTaho Yang (Supervisor)

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