A Study on Developing the Kansei Engineering of Jewelry in Female Users —Take PANDORA Jewelry for Example

  • 韓 嘉璇

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Ernst Grosse in his book " The Beginnings of Art " said: "The affection for jewelry is the earliest and most strong desire of human being" From ancient to modern times jewelry as an important decorative object has been playing an important role in expressing the self-emotion as well as the practical function Females are the embodiment of it Being a carrier of the affection the research of Kansei image of jewelry becomes increasingly important However fewer researches have been done to focus on the Kansei image of jewelry based on the current literature on jewelry Therefore the objectives of this study are as follows: (1) to classify female jewelry lovers into different groups based on HEXACO model ; (2) to investigate the Kansei image of jewelry of different ethnic groups and find the corresponding relation of personality traits and jewelry images The research process is divided into three stages (1) The first stage is to screen the experimental samples and words related to jewelry Ten types of Pandora charms and 12 words have been sorted out as the experimental sample eventually through the KJ Method (2) The second stage is to do the Likert scale investigation based on the HEXACO model and charms image (3) The third stage is the data analysis On the basis of analyzing the result of the HEXACO model the females have been divided into different groups in terms of personality by Cluster Analysis By doing the Factor Analysis the kinds of image factors which are corresponded to different personality traits will be discussed In addition the impacts of image factors on jewelry characteristics will also be discussed by ANOVA In view of the analysis presented above the study aims to construct a female perceptual image of jewelry develop the image table of jewelry corresponding to different female ethnic groups and build up the systematic impression between designers and users The experimental results can be used as the reference for the jewelry-related manufacturers in jewelry design sales and use
Date of Award2017 Aug 29
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMin-Yuan Ma (Supervisor)

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