A Study on Distance Relay Protection Setting for the Long-Distance Submarine Cable

  • 呂 宸有

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The thesis aims to study the distance relay protection setting for the long-distance submarine cable A case study based on the double-curcuit submarine cable linking Taiwan grid and Penghu renewable energy system is demonstrated The power system simulation package PSS/E is utilized for system modeling and simulation analysis The protection zones for the distance relay installed on the submarine cable is defined also the relay operating characteristic and associated system responses as a three phase ground fault occusr on the submarine cable in different protection zones are simulated The feasibility of distance relay is also investigated The research results reveal that the typical mho type distance relay can not offer a complete protection effect for the sake of ignoring the line-to-ground capacitance effect of long-distance submarine cale Accordingly a modified mho type distance relay taking the effect of cable capacitance into account is proposed and it can be verified from the PSS/E simulation that the planning can provide a more complete protection in comparison with the typical one as fault occurs on the cable The research can provide a reference for the planning of protection for long-distance submarine cable in the future
Date of Award2015 Aug 25
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJiann-Fuh Chen (Supervisor)

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