A Study on Product Form Image of Electric Scooter Body Design

  • 陳 君寧

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


With the advancement of technology and the changes of the time for the sake of efficiency and convenience fuel locomotives are a major traffic vehicle commonly seen in today's society Taiwan is controlled by industrial policies infrastructure development and narrow land and thick conditions Fuel locomotives are currently the most important means of transportation in Taiwan However this convenient tool also brings serious air pollution The Taiwan government is fighting air pollution In 2017 the "Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan" was officially announced and the new electrified locomotives in 2035 were expected to be fully electrified The people must exchange for electric scooters in the face of government policies and regulations In the selection of electric scooters in addition to considering mechanical properties the inductive elements of electric scooters have grown up to become a key factor in the communication between design manufacturers and consumers In this study the focus group is used to select the thrilling two-wheeled vehicle that can be legally issued based on the endorsed license issued by Taiwan as a sample The picture of the electric motor car is selected at the image of the electric scooters Published related research papers screened out the scooter vocabulary as the study of the semantics of the collection of a total of 13 electric scooters into four types of electric vehicles and 26 Kansei vocabulary production into a pre-test questionnaire Through reliability analysis and factor analysis 26 Kansei vocabulary were converged into 9 Kansei vocabulary as formal questionnaires After the formal questionnaire was published a total of 180 copies were analyzed As a result the subjects had significant differences in the perception of the 9 Kansei vocabulary and the four types of motor vehicles However it was found that the focus group designers and the subjects had significant differences in vocabulary feelings Therefore the second focus group of the study conducted the (1) analysis of the questionnaire results and (2) comprehensively reviewed the various types of classification "Image" gives the subject's vocabulary feelings and through the research results Consumers can re-interpret the shape of the future electric motor vehicle body by creating the emotional elements of the current electric Scooter body
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChun-Heng Ho (Supervisor)

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