A Study on Publicness of the Privately Owned Public Space from the Perspective of Visibility Analysis

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Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Privately owned public spaces were the open spaces that the government offered building bulk ratio as an incentive to encourage the private sectors to reserve the construction base for public In recent years some research has questioned the issues of privately owned public spaces for its distribution obstructions and behavior restriction However most of the studies tended to focus on the obstructing facilities and the space management The visibility was rarely been mentioned Since the use of the spaces were influenced by visibility it might be interfered by the site plan and the road condition of the spaces Therefore the topic for this study explained the influences of visibility that affect by the site plan and the road condition in privately owned public spaces To achieve this goal the study applied the visibility graph analysis to discuss the publicness of POPS in Tainan We selected 20 different types of the privately owned public spaces in Tainan and investigated the visibility of 20 cases through the mean depth and the clustering coefficient in visibility graph analysis The result indicated that the road condition of the site was the main factor of affecting the visual accessibility Moreover the building types and the width of the roads were the primary factors of influencing the isovist It also showed that the similar road condition of the site has the similar visibility distributions and the different road condition of the site would affect the layout of POPS types In addition the type of privately owned public spaces with higher reward coefficients had higher publicness
Date of Award2021
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsiu-Tzu Chang (Supervisor)

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