A Study on Rare Earth Ore in Southern China

  • 蔡 堂宜

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


This study suggests a novel idea that applying traditional Chinese feng shui experience to the mining engineering The subject mine of this research is Taihang Mountain Zhangzhou Fujian Province China which is a typical weathered crust elution?deposited rare earth ores of southern China The purpose of this study are: (1) Investigation and identify the important geomantic omen spots of Fujian Zhangzhou Tai Mo Shan (2) Sampling and analysis of the content of rare earth elements in those important geomantic omen spots (3) Providing a scientific approach to and a theoretic feng shui basis for mining method for this ore with high performance and low consumption and can be applied to optimize the rare earth extraction conditions The results show that the more important place in Longxian rare earth element content is higher and the more worthy of mining The proposed optimum mining method which do not disturb the feng shui is digging and on-site leaching This study proves that it is feasible to apply the Chinese feng shui experience to mining engineering
Date of Award2017 Jul 22
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYun-Hwei Shen (Supervisor)

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