A Study on Tainan Beimen’s Salt Makers and Salt fields in Colonial Taiwan

  • 鄭 伊伶

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


This paper mainly takes the salt field and salt people in the Beimen salt zone area as the research object and studies the economic space developed by salt people in the salt field space The execution system of the salt industry in the Qing dynasty and the line continuation of the salt monopoly system under the premise to explore new professional type salt industry after entering the Beimen salt zone area the original residents industry how to make a choice between original inshore fisheries and salt And analysis in the settlement the movement and transformation of the old and new occupations for the population and reflected in the state of faith and blood family distribution from the creation of temples and contemporary oral interviews to trace the distribution of existing local forces in the Beimen salt zone as well as the introduction of the salt industry after the old residents and new residents fishermen and salt maker's reorganization In the definition of salt maker's identity this study will discuss the social phenomena of power with a role structure and through the class of the salt maker's society the differences in the categories of power held by salt maker and the differences in the quality of life are affected by the differences in sideline options and quality of life and the differences between the two will be discussed in the categories of sideline and education And the salt people are not just salt people from the salt people in a broad sense of classification is: "all engaged in salt-making that is salt maker" this study classified the salt maker into two categories that is divided into "landlord salt maker" and " General salt maker" and according to this analysis which really regard the salt industry as a business or only as a sideline and spatial empirical evidence reflects the relative differences in the lives of salt maker Moreover it is an attempt to exclaim through the literature and newspapers of the salt zone that the living conditions of the salt maker as recognized by the society of the times The role structure of salt makers was changed with the joining of Taiwan salt society In 1919 in order to supply the demand of edible salt in the mainland the Japanese government gradually involved the company in the salt production system This study will take this as a dividing point to discuss the change of role structure and the difference of salt people engaged in salt production according to different contracts Finally this paper discusses the spatial relationship between the salt makers and the salt fields and discusses the status of all kinds of salt makers in the salt fields and discusses the land distribution of landlords and salt makers based on the family name classification and deduces the proportion of salt makers with each family name to the actual salt production The theme of the return is "Salt people are not just salt maker" Although the salt people are collectively defined by the government the actual types of salt people are classified by class based on whether they actually make salt or not However various factors bring up the seemingly joining of salt industry to affect the composition of the settlements in the salt zone of north gate but in fact it is still a way of life shaped by a group's re-identification of themselves and this gradually clear life style is the key to the spatial phenomenon
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorPing-Sheng Wu (Supervisor)

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