A Study on the Construction and Application of a Color Design System with Harmony Theory and Image Transformation

  • 蔡 政儒

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


The color of product is an important factor influencing the feelings of the appearance of product A successful color scheme of product is usually relies on designer’s experience and inspiration Skilled experience for matching colors could find the harmony color schemes easily With rich inspirations designers could design diverse color schemes Thus this research developed a product color planning system based on color harmony theory which could produce harmony color schemes and provide inspirations to assist designers to design color schemes of product The developed system includes two usage modes “Harmony Color-Generation Mode” and “Color Image-Transforming Mode ” Harmony Color-Generation Mode could produce harmony color schemes based on color harmony theory including an accurate Munsell color system conversion Moreover the color matching process based on Munsell color system can be directly operated with the sRGB monitor with real-time presentation of color planning results Color Image-Transforming Mode could transform the color image of natural bio picture into product color planning by the derived image algorithm based on fuzzy recognition After establishing the database of natural bio pictures by designer the system could generate diverse color schemes immediately and arrange from high to low according to the image similarity rates of color schemes to provide a reference to designers and enhance the color matching efficiency The applications “the color planning design of basic commodities” and “Transforming the color images of Taiwan butterflies into the color planning design of volleyball shoes ” are used to verify the feasibility of the system The results indicated that the system could generate the color schemes with harmony colors and the color schemes of volleyball shoes with color images of Taiwan’s butterflies Therefore the system could assist designers to design numerous and diverse color schemes of products by systematic and efficient process
Date of Award2016 Sep 7
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShih-Wen Hsiao (Supervisor)

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