A Study on the Customer Complaint Response Process using Value Stream Mapping and 8D for Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing

  • 陳 盈勛

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


According to foundry and industry overview we focus on improving customer complaints about service process issues to reduce the impact of customer complaints on company operations In the semiconductor industry the overlapping of customers is getting higher and higher and the way to improve competitiveness is not only to improve production technology and to reduce costs but how to maintain customers is also a very important issue Suppliers or manufacturers should do everything they can to meet customer needs and improve their competitiveness by reducing the impact of customer complaints This study explores the seven major wastes value streams in the principles of lean management and uses tools such as ECRS 8D and 5WHY to improve the customer complaint process of case company After observing the case company complaint process the value stream map is used to identify unnecessary waste and improvement opportunities in the operation process Eliminate unnecessary waste import new processes and tools reduce the processing time of the case company's customer complaint process by 40% and reduce the customer re-complaint rate from 45% to 25% effectively improving customer service quality Through the above methods it is actually applied to the case company customer complaint process and the initial improvement results are effective In this way enterprises can review the customer complaint handling workflow to meet customer needs maintain good customer relationships and enhance the company's competitiveness
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTaho Yang (Supervisor)

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