A Study on the Emotional Relevance between Fruit-Surface and Perception of Vision and Touch

  • 黃 逸民

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Human experience is mainly acquired from vision and touch and different information requires different sensory system to perceive it For example color requires vision to perceive it and weight requires touch to perceive it Although some information can be perceived by either vision or touch different mental response may be evoked through different perception on the same information On the basis of reserving the beautiful appearance enriching the tactile experience may also enrich the product experience On the other hand emotion is one of the key factors that constitute human experience and also an important issue in the field of affective design Texture is a major feature on the surface of material and it often deeply influences both the feeling of vision and touch Most textures of fruit surface are apparently distinguishable that many different kinds of visual and tactile experience can be produced so the research of fruit-surface texture may facilitate this study and also contribute to the development of new texture in the future Integrating the background information above this study aims to find out the texture of fruit-surface which can produce apparent and rich tactile experience in terms of emotional response In the experiment subjects were asked to perceive 15 textures of fruit-surface through visual tactile perception and the multi-perception of vision and touch respectively and report the emotional response with the depict facial expression and Likert Scales Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) and Cluster Analysis were applied to find out the emotional relevance between the texture and the perceptions Besides Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and Stepwise Regression were applied to test the result of Cluster Analysis and also help to discuss the emotional relevance between the three perceptions According to the result of this study some textures of fruit-surface certainly produce more apparent and richer tactile experience in terms of emotional response and two types of physical characteristics occurs for these textures (1) either extremely smooth (apple pear banana) or extremely rough (pineapple sugar apple ) (2) flexible refined and almost without defect (carambola tomato) Moreover uniform grain might evoke excitement and pleasure; perfectly even texture would evoke pleasure; perfect evenness and warm color might evoke pleasure Besides the opposite of the features might evoke the opposite emotion
Date of Award2014 Jun 6
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMin-Yuan Ma (Supervisor)

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