A Study on the Establishment and Influence of Public Elementary School in Tainan City 1898–1941

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Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Japan introduces new education into Taiwan when Taiwan under Japanese rule As time went on the primary education system was changed many times From the national language learning school the public elementary school to the primary school During this time the public elementary school started from 1895 to 1941 In 1941 the public elementary school was replaced by the primary school Therefore the period of the public elementary school can be seen as an important process in new education develop The study was focus on 6 public elementary schools in Tainan city from 1898 to 1941 As new education introduced into Taiwan Tainan national language learning school was set in Confucius Temple in Tainan city Until 1898 the system was changed Tainan national language learning school turned into Tainan public elementary school After that when Taiwanese accepted new-style education and willing to send their children into school More and more schools appeared Based on schools development this study not only constructs school's commuter zone at different time but investigate the effect on citizens About constructs school's commuter zone at different time in the study was based on two points The first one is based on the school's developing situation from 1898 to 1941 The second is using student personal information According to student address information the school's student resource can be presented as graphics way by QGIS system By this way we can construct the school's commuter zone at different time As public elementary schools set in Tainan city school affect citizen's life in different ways Most of the information about what school affect can be found by the news old pictures memoirs and so on What school effect was to change people's perception and the student who was enculturated will become an idea's culture communicator
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorPing-Sheng Wu (Supervisor)

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