A Study on the Expectation and Perception to Implement Traffic Safety Education in Tainan Preschool

  • 郭 咸盈

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


This study is to explore the expectations and perceptions of educator in Tainan preshchool in implementing traffic safety education analyze the current implementation of traffic safety education in public and private Preschools in Tainan and secondly discuss the differences in the expectations and preceptions with difference backgrounds variables and whether the differences affect the willingness to implement traffic safety education in the future; finally provide appropriate directions and suggestions to enhance the willingness of the educator to implement traffic safety education This study is based on " ECEC curriculum framework " and "Four Rules of Traffic Safety Knowledge" combined with the " PZB Theory Service Quality" as indicators to design questionnaires Then the data analysis is carried out by descriptive statistics T-test Anova and IPA and the results show that: descriptive statistics T-test Anova and IPA The main research results show:level of education position held traffic passing will affect the expectation of implementing traffic safety education;Seniority position the nature of the school number of school classes the rural school and transport passing will affect the perception of the implementation of traffic safety education; the facilities of the school the response of related units the lack of pipelines to enrich relevant traffic safety knowledge and the lack of common ideas of the educators in preschool are all priority areas for improvement under the IPA analysis and indirectly affects the implementation willingness of the educator Finally based on the research results suggestions are made for the competent authority of traffic safety administrator and future related research
Date of Award2021
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTzuoo-Ding Lin (Supervisor)

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