A study on the relationship between rainfall factor and property loss due to typhoon-induced floods

  • 連 唯盛

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In recent years extreme rainfall events have occurred frequently due to climate change Moreover the growth rate of the population has increased rapidly along with urban development Taiwan lies on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean and is therefore a typhoon-prone area Therefore property losses caused by typhoon events are also increasing Limited by budget for mitigation it is a big issue to distribute budget effectively due to different loss of different land uses This study uses the PHD model and the TLAS to simulate the property loss due to flood in different return period events The study analyzes the relationship between property loss and different factors according to the results of TLAS This study choses the Lanyang plain as an illustrative sample of an area that which is an area experienced flooding in typhoon events The Lanyang plain includes the Lanyang River watershed the Dongshan River watershed the Shincheng River watershed and the Dezikuo River watershed The study area is about 1 290 km^2 The results indicate that the Wujie Township the Jhuangwei Township and the Yilan City are accompanied with high property losses during typhoon events The farm cropland is usually the worst flooded of one among all kinds of land uses The trade loss is the highest although the flood area for trade is small The relationship between rainfall factors and property loss is analyzed with regression equations These can enable our result to serve a reference for better prevention and mitigation during actual typhoon events in the future
Date of Award2015 Sep 3
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWei-Cheng Lo (Supervisor)

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