A Study on the Taste Perception towards the Utensils from Tainan Local Food Involvement

  • 許 婷婷

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


A number of studies have shown that the secondary sensory stimulation such as sight smell hearing or touch can affect the taste of food unconsciously and even change the overall dining experience In the decade of leisure we pay more and more attention to the experiential value of five senses when eating and Tainan being the center of Taiwan food culture the cultural content experiential process and the feeling during the diet have become even more important The utensils are the most direct backgrounds of foods and relative studies have proved that there was significant influence between the visual stimulation of the utensils and the taste of food even in a complex environment Therefore the utensils were selected as mediums to discuss that how different features of the utensils influence the taste of local flavor for the high involvements and the low involvements It is hoped that the result of this study will enhance the experiential value of tasting local food The result showed that the utensils had significant impact on tasting the local flavor for no matter high and low involvement For high involvement the visual stimulation of the utensils had already determine how the food would taste and tasting was just to confirm the feeling which induced by sight is accurate And for the low involvement during the whole process from sight to taste they kept modifying and re-constructing their feeling of Tainan local flavor through the utensils And for all familiarity of general common sense is one of the important bases to judge the local flavor and the utensils which induced long-term memory can bring intensely higher evaluation of the local flavor
Date of Award2014 Jul 3
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMin-Yuan Ma (Supervisor)

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