A Study on Tone Mapping Assessment for High Dynamic Range Images

  • 王 永麟

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


High dynamic range image compression otherwise known as high dynamic range(HDR) tone mapping is a popular topic of research in image processing Most display devices can only process low dynamic range (LDR) images; therefore suitable HDR tone mapping operators are required for the presentation of HDR images Unfortunately HDR tone mapping alters the dynamic range of LDR images making general image quality indexes such as MSE and PSNR unsuitable Yeganeh and Wang (2013)therefore proposed the tone mapping quality index (TMQI) outlining the criteria by which to assess HDR tone mapping This article addresses seven existing tone mapping operators as representative examples of the techniques commonly used in HDR tone mapping We reviewed the objective assessment indexes used in HDR tone mapping and employed them to compare the seven operators We also examined specific examples to evaluate the operators according to image attributes Finally we sought to quantify the correlation between image attributes and image quality indexes for HDR in order to assess tone mapping methods
Date of Award2015 Feb 13
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShen-Chuan Tai (Supervisor)

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