A Study on Xu Bo and his "Zhu-Chuang-Za-Lu"

  • 黃 淑菲

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Xu Bo was a famous book collector and writer of Fujian in the late Ming Dynasty Regarding the study of Fujian literature in the late Ming Dynasty most of the researchers' eyes are focused on Cao Xueyu Xie Yuzhe and others Similarly as a representative figure of the Fujian literary world in the late Ming Dynasty Xu Bo was less concerned by scholars Although Xu Bo has not been a official in his life he has traveled many times and he has made friends with Cao Xueyu Xie Yuzhe Deng Yuanyue Tu Long Feng Menglong Qian Qianyi and many other scholars inside and outside Fujian Province Xu Bo's collection of books is rich in more than 70 000 volumes Xu Bo and Cao Xuequan were important representatives of the Min-Zhong poetry school(閩中詩派) in the late Ming Dynasty and later called it "Xinggong Poetry School"(興公詩派) This thesis is based on Xu Bo's literary sketches ,"Zhu-Chuang-Za-Lu"(竹窗雜錄) This book has been scattered and 85 of them are quoted in “Rong-Yin-Xin-Jian”(榕陰新檢) Some chapters in this book can be found in other books such as Then a total of 98 materials to explore the original book The collected essays are analyzed and analyzed and their styles sources and creative methods are studied
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYi-Yuan Chen (Supervisor)

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