A Tool for Providing Ownership Information and Reminding Coordination Needs to Developers

  • 王 崇響

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Software is created by people with people and for people In collaborative software development developers and end-users in the software community joint together to work on common software engineering activities Every member of the community has knowledge about the developing software and can coordinate with each other The ownership of source codes is collective Code files can be changed or used by any members The software belongs to all members who join the software community During development developers always need to coordinate with each other It is time-consuming and error-prone to developers to figure out the proper developer to coordinate with in collaborative software development because many developers have ever developed changed and maintained the same code file In this thesis ownership information is proposed to solve the difficulties Ownership value is quantified by historical committed data and it represents contribution and expertise of a developer to the code file The proper developer to coordinate with can be identified by ownership information A tool OwnerDetector is also proposed in the thesis to provide ownership information and remind coordination needs to developers during software development The results of questionnaires show that ownership information is effective to identify the proper developer to coordinate with and OwnerDetector is effective in reminding coordination needs and notifying committed changes to test members and related developers
Date of Award2016 Sep 9
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHewijin-Christine Jiau (Supervisor)

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