A Wireless Power Transfer System with Indirectly Load Estimating Transmitter and Reconfigurable Series/Parallel Receiver

  • 洪 韻堯

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Wireless power transfer (WPT) has gradually replaced wire-connected systems such as memory cards mobile phones and tablet computers A WPT system with conventional power control obtains receiver information through data communication It spends lots of time so that it can handle fast load transient This thesis proposes a WPT system with indirectly load estimating transmitter (ILET) to achieve fast load transient response A WPT system with ILET can regulate output voltage immediately by estimating load information through the voltage and current in the TX-coil Furthermore other relatively constant parameters of estimating equations are calibrated by data communication In addition a reconfigurable series/parallel receiver (RSPR) is proposed to maintain high power transfer efficiency (PTE) under all load conditions The transmitter and receiver chips are fabricated with the TSMC 0 35μm CMOS process and the TSMC 0 25μm 5V/40V process respectively Input voltage of transmitter and receiver chips are 5±10% V and the operating frequency is 100kHz The area are 2 448 x 2 490 mm2 and 1 574 x 1 900 mm2 respectively Post-layout verifications show that the load transient response is 1 51ms for 600mA step load transient in series-series topology 1 82ms for 500mA step load transient in series-parallel topology In addition power transfer efficiency can be improved 10% at 1W-load condition with the proposed RSPR And the maximum power transfer efficiency is 72 48%
Date of Award2014 Nov 25
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTai-Haur Kuo (Supervisor)

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