Adsorption of oxytetracycline on field soil: effects of pH particle size and the presence of humic acid

  • 鄭 堃亨

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Veterinary pharmaceuticals are widely used in livestock for treatment and prevention of disease Following the increasing consumption veterinary pharma-ceuticals nowadays are considered as emerging contaminants Antibiotics in vet-erinary pharmaceuticals are physiologically highly active and widely used in live-stock to treat disease and trauma and used as additive feeding to promote the meat growing Most consumed livestock is applied with antibiotics but animals have a low metabolism efficiency on these drugs This situation leads to high antibiotics concentration in agricultural wastewater In addition long-term exposure of anti-biotics creates a high selection pressure for bacterial resistance Although some countries have banned the antibiotics as feed additives lots of countries still use antibiotics as feed additives to promote meat growing Thus the animal bodies content low concentration of antibiotic for long-term Unfortunately the sewage treatment plants cannot perfectly remove antibiotic from wastewater implying lots of antibiotic could be released to the environment In addition to sewage treatment plants the compost amendments with manure on field means directly released an-tibiotics and antibiotics resistances into environment and released antibiotics can increase selective pressure in human and animals The resistance genes will result in bacterial resistance suggesting antibiotics lose their effectiveness when break-ing out the zoonosis Tetracyclines (TCs) a broad-spectrum antibiotics discovered in the 1940s has 30-40 % consumption in western countries and 20 % in Taiwan Oxytetracycline (OTC) one member of the tetracycline family was chosen as the target compound in this study OTC changes its charge at different pH levels and thus can exist as a cation (pH
Date of Award2014 Sept 3
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWan-Ru Chen (Supervisor)

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