After the 513 Vietnam’s Riots Taiwanese Investment amd Development in Vietnam

  • 李 盈儀

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


On May 13 2014 in Vietnam a violent incident occurred in Vietnam that stunned the country During the process of organizing a demonstration to protest against China the Vietnamese people carried out a series of attacks and robberies against foreign factories Taiwanese businesses have been operating for a long time Several factories suffered from smash robbery and even arson In this regard this paper wants to study the nature of the May 13th riots Is it true that the news media and newspapers and magazines say that the recurrence of the Chinese incident? After the major vicious incident Taiwanese businessmen choose to withdraw or continue to stay? What is the reflection of the incident and the way the crisis is handled? This paper believes that the loss of Taiwanese businessmen should not be completely attributed to the irrationality of the Vietnamese people Instead in the process of exploring Taiwanese investment in Vietnam the frictional conflict between employers and employees has been in existence for a long time and the authoritative management model has been plagued by riots The study found that the May 1st and 3rd can not be regarded as a Chinese riot The Taiwanese businessmen who invested in Vietnam also chose to stay in the investment The reason is that compared with the withdrawal of funds they will stay in Southeast Asia to have competitiveness and profits Vietnam is the opposite of Southeast Asia Even if there is a so-called "riot" it is more politically advantageous In fact Taiwanese people have no casualties in the incident The term "localization" can sum up the direction of Taiwanese business in the future Only the Vietnamese signboards the promotion of Vietnamese locals as management etc the feedback from Taiwanese businessmen can see the idea of hope and local society more closely
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJenn-Jaw Soong (Supervisor)

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