An Alternative Housing Style - Cultural Service of Taiwanese Share House in Perth WA

  • 劉 晉嘉

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In Taiwan thousands of youths rush to Australia according to the statistic conducted by Tourism Bureau of R O C the number had just doubled from year 2012 to 2013 The expectation of escaping from the current obstacle in Taiwan such as low employment rate and disrespect to professionals Australia’s quality living and job market are an absolute seduction to Taiwanese youth However the need for foreign workers of Australia is mostly first level industry or those require no specific skills With the limitation of their visa and language barrier Taiwanese backpackers usually outweigh their time and effort looking for a job Now a group of Taiwanese backpacker is turning their own accommodation experiences into investment opportunity by developing share housing in Australia The great profit from share housing had attracted more backpackers to join the business Share housing is neither restrained by the limits mentioned above nor carrying pressure of employment Different operating style results bipolar cases it will be beneficial for a sustainable share housing business or expansion of scale to follow up the development at the beginning Further to make the share housing case as the model of business transformation for Taiwan’s Bed and Breakfast industry This research first conducted pilot study on share housing in Perth Through field observation and data collection this research conducted online survey to further obtain the information of current share housing features and tenants’ perspectives Follow with case study on two representative share houses to gather the first hand data Lastly having indepth interview with the two owners in order to conclude the present entrepreneurial model and proof its applicability in Taiwan’s bed and breakfast industry most importantly to understand the cultural service within the business In view of Taiwan’s saturating bed and breakfast industry the study on share housing trend will conclude the attributes and features of two cases analyze the key factor that influences the business operation organize the basic entrepreneurial model of it and discuss about the cultural service impact By borrowing the experience of Australia would provide Taiwan’s bed and breakfast industry a guide of transformation as well for the future investors
Date of Award2014 Dec 25
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsiao-Ling Chung (Supervisor)

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